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Dogs - Dermatology - DEMODECTIC MANGE


Demodex canis is a mite that lives in a few hair follicles in most healthy dogs.  Some dogs develop greater than normal number of mites, which causes inflammation and hair loss, the reason for this is still unclear.  The mites are acquired during the first few days of life while the puppies are nursing, consequently dogs with this disease should not be used for breeding.


The diagnosis of democidcosis is confirmed by the finding of mites, upon deep skin scraping under a microscope.


Localised demodicosis

Occurs mainly in young dogs 3-12 months of age causing mild inflammation and hair loss often on the face, head or extremities.  These cases will generally heal spontaneously, but may progress to generalised demodicosis.

Generalised demodicosis

Covers large areas of the body and is complicated by secondary bacterial infection.  If this form occurs in adult dogs, generally over 5 years of age, it can indicate an underlying disease.



Often used for localised demodicosis.  This is a full body rinse used preferably after shampooing and is left on the skin to dry.

ADVOCATE  {  Moxidectin and Imidacloprid }

This medication is a top –spot  liquid applied  to the neck  once monthly .

DECTOMAX  Injection 

An injection  given  once a week  for   four to  eight weeks .


It is very important to have regular checkups by the Vet throughout the treatment, either fortnightly or monthly.  The dog must have 2 negative skin scrapings taken at least one month apart before treatment is discontinued.

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