Eat Play Love
Eat a balanced and nutritious diet. When feeding your pet always ensure that you are feeding the daily recommended meal size to ensure that they reach or maintain their ideal body weight!
Play, exercise and activities are important to keep your pet’s mind and body in great shape and should be incorporated into their daily routine. It is also a great way to have fun, bond with your pet and get healthy and fit too!
Love your pet to a healthy weight with a complimentary weight and nutrition assessment at your local Greencross Vets. Contact us today and book your pet in for their weight and nutrition assessment!

There is a very high percentage of slightly overweight pets that very quickly become ‘obese’ and unfortunately with this comes many health risks.

In Australia, it's estimated that over 40% of Australia’s pets are overweight. If you have noticed that your pet has adopted a few extra kilos, or is a little tubby in general, then now is the time to set your pet off on the right paw. Throughout January and February Greencross Vets is here to help eat, play and love your pet to a healthy weight by providing Free Pet Weight and Nutrition Assessments.

Overweight pets are likely to:

Health risks associated with obesity

  • Live a less active and shorter life
  • Become prone to joint and mobility problems
  • Develop skin problems and a lower resistance to infection
  • Be a greater risk during surgery
  • Be disinterested in exercise and play
  • Establish poor eating habits
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Heart and respiratory problems
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Kidney disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Various forms of cancer
  • Decreased life expectancy

What is my dog’s ideal body weight?

Breed weights are usually reflected as a variance in the weight of the individual breed standards. The sex, age, lifestyle, genetics and especially the foods they eat can all contribute to a dog’s weight range. This is a guide only for pure bred dogs. Please use the body conditioning score chart for a more detailed guide for all breeds, including cross-breeds.

Identify if your dog or cat is good shape:

Using the body score chart below, assess where your pet is sitting. Are they sitting in the 'ideal' body weight range?

Is your pet in good shape?

If you suspect that your pet does not currently sit within their ideal weight range, contact your local Greencross Vets today.