Healthy Pets Plus - Dog & Cat Preventitive Pet Plan Australia

Healthy Pets and Peace of Mind

Unlike us, pets can’t tell us how they feel, so scheduled and timely check-ups are a great way to make sure your pet is always in the best possible shape. The Healthy Pets Plus programme is a simple and cost effective way for you to ensure the proper care of your pet while minimising your yearly veterinary costs. It gives you peace of mind and confidence that your pet is healthy and happy.

Prevention Is The Best Medicine

We believe proactive care not only improves the quality of your pet’s life, it will add years to it.

Most importantly, Healthy Pets Plus will make doing the right thing for your pet simple and affordable through every stage of your pet’s life.

Healthy Pets Plus is a comprehensive proactive program, helping you to:

  • Prevent disease
  • Detect and identify any health issues before they potentially lead to expensive treatment
  • Maintain a healthy pet through scheduled check-ups and procedures

Simply put, Healthy Pets Plus meets the highest standards for animal care whilst allowing you to spread the costs over a 12 month period.

Happy Healthy Pets