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QLD Student Application Form

Greencross Limited 2016/2017 Intake - School-Based Traineeship in Animal Care - Certificate II in Animal Studies (ACM20110)

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Student's Name*
What high school do you attend?*
What grade are you in?
Date of Birth:
Home Address:
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Parent/Guardian's Name:
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Which clinic are you applying for?
(Please note that you may indicate up to a maximum of 3 preferences.)  

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Tell us about a time when you worked well as a part of a team? This can include employment, sporting teams or school activities.
This question is only applicable to Brisbane applicants. For Brisbane applicants, afterschool classroom sessions are held at the Indooroopilly clinic on most Mondays during school term from 4:30pm – 7:30pm. How will you travel to and from your classroom session?
How will you travel to your work placement in clinic once a week?
What do you expect to learn in this program?
What sort of jobs do you think you'll be doing in the vet clinic?
The School Based Traineeship position requires a high level of physical fitness to be able to perform the required duties safely and effectively. Do you have the physical capacity to be able to stand on your feet for long periods of time and can you lift up to 12 kilograms unassisted? Can you think of any health reason including allergies (dog/cat, latex, betadine, chlorhexidine) that would prevent you from working in the animal care industry?
Will you be OP eligible? When you finish high school, what career/job would you like to have? Do you see yourself undertaking further study, if so what would you like to study?
What extra-curricular activities (through school as well as out of school) do you participate in? Will any of these activities clash with this programs requirements and workload?
Please write a statement outlining what you think you will be able to bring to the Veterinary Nursing industry. This can include any skills, qualities and attributes you possess.
Are you currently completing or have you completed any other certificates, courses or traineeships?

Educational Details

School's Name
School's Address
School's Suburb
School's Postcode
Name of your Vocational Education Coordinator
Phone number for VOC Ed
Email Address for VOC Ed
Please Note: Your School Vocational Education and Training Coordinator / Industry Liaison Officer must support your school based traineeship application. Please ensure that you have presented your School VET Coordinator with the School Approval Letter. This needs to be completed and uploaded as part of your application.

Attachments - please upload the following documents:

Your most recently received school report (mandatory) 
School approval letter (mandatory)  If you have not completed the school approval form download it here.
Resume or CV (not mandatory)
References (not mandatory)
Any other supporting documentation eg photos (not mandatory)
Before you submit this electronic application, here is a checklist to make sure you have completed it all.
  • Have you completed all the fields and questions in this online application form?
  • Has your School Vocation, Education and Training Coordinator signed the School Approval letter?
  • Have you uploaded the School Approval Letter?
  • Have you uploaded a copy of your most recently issued report card?
  • Have you attached any other documents that you wish to be included as part of your application eg Resume, References, Photo’s
Please read the following statement and if you agree, please tick the box below:
As the applicant I have thought about the workload involved in successfully completing the Certificate II in Animal Studies School Based Traineeship program and have discussed the program requirements with my parent/guardian and understand what is involved. 
* Required fields. Now you are ready to submit your application. Good Luck.
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