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Every time your dog is doing a behaviour that you like such as sleeping on their bed or waiting outside your bedroom door say 'yes' or 'click' to pinpoint the behaviour. This will encourage your dog to voluntarily offer these behaviours more often. Please remember to also reward with more verbal praise, cuddles or treats.

Canine Commandos

Greencross Vets Canine Commandos was developed as part of the Best Behaviour Program.  Canine Commandos is a group class designed for puppy’s and dogs that are a little bit older. 

Canine commandos is a juvenile puppy school that focuses on adolescent behaviours and refines basic manners.  This course works on advancing ‘cues’ to develop best behaviour while continuing to socialise in a positive environment.  Play sessions are fun and will teach you how to understand what your dog is trying to say and how they are feeling.  

Canine Commandos is a 5 session group class that is fun and interactive for puppies and dogs aged 5 months to 9 months.  Older dogs may be able to join Canine Commandos on request, please contact your local Greencross vet. 

Greencross Vets are passionate about developing well-mannered family friendly dogs.  Canine Commandos will give you the tools to train your dog in basic manners, behaviour ‘cues’ such as heeling and come when called.  You will also develop an understanding on how your dog learns, their development stages and how to navigate through naughty adolescent behaviours.  

Training a dog is a challenging and rewarding experience.  We believe that training with love, fun and understanding will ensure you develop a strong and life long bond with your dog, making them a true member of your family. 



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